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Garden Villa
Denshin an



 Sharing (den)

 the heart (shin) of  Kyoto.


Garden Villa Denshin-An is a private Japanese-style vacation home nestled away in the backstreets of northwest Kyoto City.

Perfect for an exclusive getaway, Denshin-An is also within walking distance of three World Heritage Sites(Kinkakuji, Ryoanji, and Ninnaji Temple).

Built in the 1920s, this villa was originally an annex to the main house.


Wanting to pass on the tradition, culture, and beauty of an older Japan to future generations, Denshin-An was born.


The renovated guestrooms are a spacious 80 m²and open up to .

panoramic views of a traditional Japanese garden that spans 180 m².


We warmly invite you to take home the hospitality of Denshin-An as another Kyoto memory.

[Nearby Temples]

190309伝心庵庭-130-min-min 2.png

Selected as part of

「The Buildings and gardens which make Kyoto attractive」(Kyoto City Approved)

Denshin-An was selected as a symbol of history and culture that citizens would like to leave for the future(July 22,2019). We would like to thank the people involved in the maintenance of the building since its construction and also the guests who have stayed there. In an age when trends change quickly,we seek to honour the culture of our predecessors, and will continue to work hard to preserve and pass on the building to future generations.

Your stay

190326伝心庵 Bed-Bath-Sunset-9-min-min.jpg

Find serenity in

a Japanese garden.


Garden Villa Denshin-An is a private Japanese-style vacation home


The villa includes three tatami-mat rooms including a large room (16㎡),a medium room (10㎡), and a tea-room. It can accommodate up to 5 people.


Equipped for Kyoto’s cold winter months, all rooms (including the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet) come with floor heating.

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  •  From City bus/JR Bus [Ryoanji-mae]: 3min walk

  • From Keifuku Kitano-line [Ryoanji] station: 5 min walk



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